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Welcome to Adare, Ireland’s prettiest village. Adare Tidy Towns has a long and successful history in supporting the community maintain the high standards which make the village an attractive and interesting place to both visit and live.

The Tidy Towns Competition was run in 2022 in full mode again following a modified ‘on-line’ form due to the Covid 19 Pandemic in 2021. Entry was via a comprehensive Application form that described in word and photographs the projects, maintenance and learning activities that we have undertaken in the past 12 months. We increased our score from 343 to 356 and in doing so secured a Gold medal for being within 10 points of the National Tidy Towns Winner (Trim with 366 points).

Every week groups of Tidy Town volunteers tidy specific areas, paint outdoor fixtures and furniture and collect litter. We also work on special projects to improve the local environment to eg protect nature and bio-diversity (such as planting of pollinator friendly shrubs) or improve sustainability (such as wardrobe recycling)

For its part Limerick City and County Council has provided sterling support to the Village by providing additional resources to refurbish the Countess Caroline Dunraven fountain and to overhaul the lovely Park.

Many of the projects that are being undertaken by ATT are described on the website in case you have a particular area of interest. Regardless, another pair of hands is always welcome as we have some ambitious plans for the future.

New Interactive Map

Click on the image or link below to view our new interactive map of Adare.

Dont Waste an Opportunity….

In honour of the UN’s International day of Zero Waste, we are asking you to join us, the Adare Tidy Towns team in making Adare a more sustainable town and working towards our goal of reducing the waste we are producing. Download our leaflet to learn more.

Join Us!

If you are interested in joining the Adare Tidy Towns group as a volunteer, please email adaretidytowns@gmail.com.

We’d love to have you on board!

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