The river Maigue is home to many birds and waders. Here is a recent (2022) Winter Bird Assessment undertaken as part of the Adare Flood Relief Scheme Study.

The Adare riverbank walk is visited by nature journalist Albert Nolan

Biodiversity education series

Here is a podcast on Spring Flowering plants issued by the National Biodiversity Center. Have a look and see what you can identify and log with the National Biodiversity Data Centre. 

Everyone of us has a role to play, both as an individual and as part of a community to sustain our populations of native species in the area.

A report on the biodiversity of the village was produced by Will Hayes M.Sc., Limerick, Ireland in 2018. Images of the species he identified in the report can be seen in the following galleries.

Biodiversity related posts showing activity and progress in this area.

lucy erridge cottage Wildflower Garden - A growing trend in gardening these days is towards a more natural look, which is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally aware. A fine example of such a garden is that of Lucy Erridge’s cottage, so we asked Lucy how it is done. Garden Design Alison designed the structure of the garden – the paved areas
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Riverside Walk - Monday May20th – Fri May 24th 7:00-9:00pm The project that we were working on last week was the river bank where we mowed the grass fixed the fence and painted it every thing was strimmed and any fallen branches etc was cut up and removed. ( Thanks to Paddy Mulvihill of Irish Wire who donated
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If you are interested in meeting like minded people in increasing the awareness and importance of our biodiversity please contact us at

The Facebook Feed of Biodiversity Ireland is shown below to allow you to see the latest activities of this fantastic organisation.

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