Bird’s-eye view

Adare Tidy Towns installed a webcam in a nesting box near the park. Blue-Tits are nesting and we are hoping to see a successful breeding.

ATT has eight bird boxes dotted throughout the village and they have been well used by our feathered friends over the years.  Last year four bird boxes were occupied and one was used for overwintering. The predominant species of bird that visit the bird boxes is BlueTits.  All the bird boxes have been cleaned out in preparation for this year’s breading season.   This year ATT decided to add a new feature to our bird boxes and we installed a bird box with a camera.  This has been an exciting addition as it has allowed us to see the daily antics of a pair of BlueTits.  They started visiting our next box at the end of March and we are looking forward to seeing them lay eggs and rearing their young over the coming weeks.   The nest box has a solar panel attached to the camera for power and the unit must be situated near WIFI to allow for transmission.   We placed the unit near Our Lady’s Abbey Girls School with their permission and the students are delighted to keep an eye on the activity through the live feed.  The live feed is viewable on the app Nestera.  Footage is being shared on our social media at each stage of the nesting process.