Tree Planting

Native Oak Tree Planting Project 2019/2020

In Gaelic Adare is known as Ath Dara which translates into English as Fort of the Oak. Adare Tidy Towns Committee has decided to honour the heritage of the name of Adare by planting 6 mature Oak trees in March of 2020 in conjunction with National Tree Planting week. We will work throughout 2019 to lay the foundations to bring this project to fruition in

Oak Tree Image by Manfred Antranias Zimmer from Pixabay

The aim of this project is to honour the heritage of the name-: Adare and also to involve the whole community in the selection of the correct Oak tree variety for our village, help identify sponsors to purchase the trees and then assist with the tree planting and onward maintenance of the trees.
An information event on Trees and Their Importance In Our World will be held during Sept 2019. The aim of this information event will be to highlight the value of planting trees and to educate participants on the huge part the existing trees play in our environment in Adare.

The estimated cost of each tree is ~ 1500€ and the search for businesses and/or individuals to sponsor these long lasting legacies to the village starts now.

To find out more please read the following proposal document.

To register your interest in sponsoring a tree, please contact

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