Website Posts

We want to hear your stories regarding how you do something different to protect, improve our environment. Please send your article, images to Ideally somewhere between 100-300 words with an explanatory image discussing what you are doing and why. (example below)

Why create a website?

The purpose of the Adaretidytowns website is primarily to let everyone know what is being done by the local community on a voluntary basis to sustain and indeed improve life in the village.

The hope is that some readers will be inspired to help, in whatever way they are moved to do so….whether its composting waste, collecting rain water, volunteering village tidy-ups, planting wild flowers…the list is endless.

This is much more likely to happen if the words come from your friends and neighbours so please, please send us whatever you can. It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare….just thoughts, experiences and ideas of the top of your head in your own words.

Many thanks – Adare Tidy Towns Committee