Wild Flower Meadow Project

The aim of the project is to establish a certified Irish Wildflower Meadow which will help to attract and increase our native bee, butterfly, insect, birds and field animal population. We refer to the
Adare Biodiversity Report which was compiled by Will Hayes for Adare Tidy Towns in 2018 and we focus on some of the species mentioned in that report and intend to highlight these species and monitor them throughout 2019 and beyond. All references to the Adare Biodiversity Report of 2018 by Will Hayes are marked in this report in Red.

The wildflower area in the Adare Manor Fields Complex is approximately 1128 square meters and is located between the side of the new all-weather field (map ref-:X) and an adjoining farm field. It is edged on one side by a natural hedgerow with mature Irish native hedgerow trees and plants which includes Bracken (Fern), Hawthorn, Honeysuckle Blackthorn, Elder and Bramble.
Adare Manor Hotel has also identified an area at the Bridge (on approach to Adare Village) which is also being prepared for Wild Flower seeding. This area will be prepared and seeded in conjunction with Adare Tidy Towns and Adare Manor Hotel grounds crew.
This Wildflower project was completed in conjunction with Adare Tidy Towns, Adare Manor Fields Ltd, Adare Manor Hotel, Samco Ltd and Adare Camping and Caravan Park owner Hughie Doherty. The project was led by Bridie Collins, Chairperson of Adare Tidy Towns and a total of 20 hours was spent on completing the project.

  1. Site identification: Discussion was held between Bridie Collins (Adare Tidy Towns) and James Collins and Elaine Sparling (Adare Manor Fields Ltd) in Jan 2019 and the site for the Wild Flower Meadow was identified and marked.
  2. Seed Selection: Seed selection was discussed and purchased from Sandro Cafolla of Design by Nature in Carlow. All seed purchased is certified as being native Irish wild flower seed.
  3. Site Preparation: With the assistance of a team from Adare Manor Hotel and in conjunction with TLC5 the identified and marked site was sprayed to kill off the existing grass under advice from Sandro Cafolla of Design by Nature. The site was sprayed at the end of March 2019. In late April of 2019 Derrick Shine of Samco Ltd (local engineering company) volunteered his time and equipment and rotovated the area.
  4. Sowing: On May 7th, 2019 the area was seeded by John and Geoffrey from Adare Manor Hotel grounds crew, Hughie Doherty of Adare Camping and Caravan Park and Bridie Collins of Adare
    Tidy Towns. The area was hand sown by broadcast seeding.
  5. Future Plans: During June of 2019 a second Wild flower area will be seeded in the unmaintained area to the left of the bridge as you enter Adare from the Limerick side. This area is currently being prepared for seeding and the appropriate seed mix is being ordered from Design by Nature in Carlow. This area will be prepared and seeded in conjunction with Adare Manor Hotel ground crew.
  6. Maintenance: Once the Wildflower areas are fully established they will be maintained as per best practice. They will be cut in Spring of 2020 preferably during April and then again in October of 2020 and this twice-yearly cut will be carried out in each of the subsequent years. Once the seeds start to germinate and grow no herbicides, pesticides, nematicides or fungicides will be used near
    these areas to protect the bees, butterflies, insects and field animals that will inhabit the areas.
  7. Information and Education: Adare Tidy Towns will hold information evenings by Biodiversity specialists which will include Botanists, Entomologists, Ornithologists and any other relevant experts for the residents of Adare throughout 2019 (dates to be decided) and in subsequent years.
  8. Monitoring and recording: During 2019 and 2020 and in subsequent years it is planned to set up a monitoring system to record sightings of Bees, Butterflies, Birds, Insects and field animals in the Wild Flower Planting areas and also in the Park, Riverbank walk and throughout the village of Adare.
    It is envisioned that this will be a trans-generation project with all residents of Adare taking part in the identification and monitoring of all species. We hope to develop our web site and an app to allow for this monitoring and recording.

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